Planning Board
Regular Meeting
5/22/2012 5:30 PM
Municipal Building
55 Main Street   Sag Harbor, NY 11963
Flag Salute
1. Roll Call
I. Call to Order
II. Minutes
1. adopt the Minutes taken on April 24, 2012.
III. Correspondence Requiring Action
1. Sag Development Partners, LLC (Bulova Watchcase Factory), 15 Church Street, SCTM No. 903-3-4-14: AmendmentComment

Sag Development Partners, LLC is requesting an amendment to the Site Plan approval issued on August 27, 2008 for the Watchcase Factory Development. 


IV. Work Session
1. Main Street Sag Harbor Holdings, LLC (James Giorgio), 125 Main Street, SCTM No. 903-3-4-5: Preliminary Site PlanComment

Review of the Site Plan, preliminary building plan and elevation drawings for the project proposed at 125 Main Street.


2. Bur-Mac, LLC, 62 Main Street, SCTM No. 903-2-2-30Comment

The application is for Change of Use to office from residential and increase seating on an approved C/O restaurant.


3. James Thomason, 354 Madison Street, SCTM No. 903-7-2-21:Comment

Pre-submission Subdivision application is for existing property, which contains one-single family residence is to be subdivided into two lots of 20,000 sq. ft. And 20,131 sq. ft. The existing house will remain on the Madison Street side of the property. The vacant lot will front on Suffolk Street.


V. Old Business
1. KBR Sag Harbor LLC (Barons Cove Inn), 31 West Water Street, SCTM No. 903-2-1-18.1Comment

              Application of KBR Sag Harbor LLC (Barons Cove Inn) for property located at 31                             West Water Street, Sag Harbor, New York, SCTM No. 903-2-1-18.1 for the                             following: (1) Special exception approval for the construction of an 87 seat restaurant                             and 8 bar seats as an accessory use to a resort motel pursuant to Village Code Section                             300-11.21, (2) a Special Exception Use Permit for the shifting of 18 restaurant seats to                             be used as outdoor seats pursuant to Village Code Section 300-11.7, (3) Site plan                             approval for construction of a 280 square foot concession stand as an accessory to the                             motel, located near swimming pool, and (4) Site Plan approval for a retail store within                             the lobby of the proposed reception area pursuant to Village Code Section 300-5.5                             along with landscaping, lighting, and parking space configuration. The premises are                             presently improved with an existing motel. This proposed action is a Type I action                             under the State Environmental Quality Review Act. 


2. Sen Restaurant, 23 Main Street, SCTM No. 903-2-3-1-19: proposed addition to kitchen and reconfiguration of lavatory and bar areaComment

Application of SEN Restaurant for property located at 23 Main Street, Sag Harbor, New York, SCTM No. 903-2-3-19 for the following: (1) Site Plan approval pursuant to Village Code Section 300-14.3 for construction of a 550 square foot first floor addition on the eastern side of the existing three story structure to expand the existing restaurant; (2) Site Plan approval for a 590 square foot second story addition and a 488 square foot third floor addition to allow for an increase in size and reconfiguration of the existing three residential apartments in the existing structure. This proposed action is a Type II action under the State Environmental Quality Review Act.



3. Petroleum Ventures, LLC (John Leonard / Harbor Heights Station), 144 Hampton Street, SCTM No. 302-6-8-13: proposed convenience store/filling stationComment

              The application is for demolition of existing 1,874 sq. ft. structure at 144 Hampton                             Street. The Special Exception Application is to allow construction of a convenience                             store accessory to gas station; construct expansion to auto repair garage; install new                             septic sanitary system; replace existing gas pumps with upgraded gas pumps; install new               curb cuts, formalize parking area, formalize; pedestrian access drainage improvements;                             installation of new lighting; and implementation of new landscaping plan.


4. Sag Harbor Antique Fire Trucks, Inc. Property, 1827 Bridgehampton-Sag Harbor Turnpike, SCTM No. 900-24-4-34 & 903-5-1-20 & 21: proposed construction of an antique fire truck museumComment

This application is for the construction of a barn within subject property in order to operate as the "Sag Harbor Antique Fire Truck Museum". Applicant proposes to remove the existing concrete foundation pad of the former structure (i.e., electrical substation) located within the northeastern corner of subject property and situated 18.0' from the landward edge of the  freshwater wetlands boundary. Applicant proposes to construct the proposed barn (2,400 square feet +/- "footprint") partially within the same "footprint" of the original substation's concrete foundation pad, but situated 21.0' from the landward edge of the freshwater wetlands boundary. Additionally, applicant proposes to install a parking area along the east side of the proposed barn comprised of pervious (i.e., gravel material, install an attendant sanitary system and associated retaining wall, install attendant drywells to contain roof runoff, and provide native restoration to an area located off the west wide of the proposed barn).



VI. Public Hearings
1. Maryann Dianora, 26 Grand Street, SCTM No. 903-6-4-79: Pre-submission Site Plan & Special Exception application for the keeping of chickensComment

Pre-submission Site Plan & Special Exception application is for the keeping of chickens in a 74" by 39" chicken coop.



2. Subdivision Application of Mary's Rooms, LLC, 68 Rysam Street, SCTM No. 302-2-6-2Comment

Applicant proposed to divide 33,461 SF parcel containing two one family dwelling into two parcels. Lot 1 to contain 10,361 SF improved by a 2 story dwelling with porches and a new swimming pool in place of existing swimming pool; Lot 2 contain 23, 100 SF improved by a 3 story dwelling with porches, deck and detached garage.


3. Sag Harbor Naturally, Inc., 7 Main Street, SCTM No. 903-2-3-21: Preliminary application for special exception permitComment

Provisions occupies 2450 SF of a multi use building. Applicant proposes to annex the adjacent 777 SF of a former Style Bar (Spa) to the existing grocery store and to reconfigure the CAFE / portion of the grocery store. The existing grocery store is approved for a total of 32 seats.


VII. Adjournment

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